Monday, 20 May 2013

Reflections - Lim Xin En Grace (12)

          For our Science SIA, I personally feel that we did not fully make use of the time that we were given, as we did not take any initiative to start working on our experiment. We dragged and waited for a long time before truly starting on work, resulting in a last-minute rush of work. We also did not plan our experiment process well, and when we were executing our experiment, we were rather lost and did not know exactly what to do. This resulted in us being unable to efficiently complete our experiment and we were lacking in a great amount of time to complete work. However, I felt that we were still rather cooperative and we stayed back together as a team to do our experiment. We did not complain much and exhibited rather good teamwork.  
          In response to the problems that we encountered, I feel that there were many areas for improvement. In terms of lack of time, I think that we could have better allocated our time and we definitely could have started work far sooner, instead of pushing everything to the last hour. We also could have been more well-learned with regards to our experiment by reading up more about solvents and solutions before conducting our experiment so that we would not be unsure of what to do. 
          In general, we could have been more well-prepared and have a better sense of time so that we could do a better job of our SIA.            
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