Monday, 27 May 2013

Reflections - Yong Li Xuan (31)

From writing a proposal, to researching on the topic, to experimenting with sweets in the laboratory, I have learnt a lot from this interesting process. I have learnt from my mistakes, and although our experiment did not yield a positive result, we have learnt much from the journey. The first step was to write a proposal. Although we had some knowledge about writing proposals from last year's Basic Research Program, we were still quite lost, and struggled to write the final report. Although we missed out a lot of things, and the proposal was rejected, we still peservered, and found an alternative. We had to learn from our mistakes, and not be dejected by the less than positive feedback from our teacher. Our experiment also failed, as we could not find a suitable solvent to dissolve the dye. Our teacher recommended hexane and ethyl acetate, however, the lab techinician said that it was too dangerous and that it would "fry our brains". So, we had to conclude our test, without positive results. I still enjoyed the entire Science SIA because it was fun and interesting. What matters is the process and not so much on the final result.
(Word count: 198)

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